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To help you better understand the drought cycle and its affects on your plants, we have prepared a video presentation on Proper Moisture Management with Hydretain the base technology of LESCO's Moisture Manager. To watch the 6 minute movie, simply click on the screen below to activate the player or the play button to start the video if the player is already active.

LESCO Moisture Manager
is a proprietary blend of the patented Hydretain Root Zone LESCO Moisture Management technology combined with an advanced naturally-derived soil surfactant formulated specifically to reduce watering needs on larger areas such as golf courses, highway plantings, landscsape nurseries and agriculture. LESCO Moisture Manager is the cornerstone of a year round soil moisture management program whether you are maintaining existing turf and plants or ensuring the survival of new sod, seed, sprigs, bedding plants, shrubs or trees.

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